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Published 20 December 2023

@Hilko Visser - Come study in The Hague, city of Peace and Justice. 

You can now register for our 2024 training programmes. Take the opportunity to stay ahead in your career! Embark on a journey of professional growth and knowledge enhancement with our comprehensive training programmes covering cutting-edge topics like human rights abuse in sport, artificial intelligence and international law, and the EU's corporate sustainability due diligence revolution.

[Advanced professional training] Responding to human rights abuse in sport: Safe, effective & appropriate investigation (05 - 06 March 2024)

In recent years, the world of sport has seen a rise in reports of cases of emotional, psychological, physical, and sexual abuse. Sport has often struggled to respond in a safe, effective and appropriate way to these cases. This has, at best, led to missed opportunities to improve and strengthen prevention mechanisms.  At worst, it has caused traumatisation and additional harm.

This professional training uses real life challenges from past investigations to provide insight into how to (not) respond to reports and allegations of sport-related cases of abuse. Sign up for our advanced professional training and learn how to respond in a safe, appropriate, and effective way to cases of human rights abuse in sport. 

What will you learn?

  • How to (not) respond to reports and allegations of sport-related cases of abuse
  • Knowledge and experience in responding to such cases in a way that protects the affected person from further harm and complies with human rights
  • The role that investigations play in access to remedy more broadly

Fee: €950 (Regular fee), €600 (Student and NGO fee)

[Spring academy] Artificial intelligence and international law (22 - 26 April 2024)

Artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly present in almost all sectors of our society. From public sector applications in security, healthcare, welfare, or justice, to everyday uses for commercial targeting, transportation or household appliances; AI innovation is advancing at a very fast pace. AI brings many promises but also innumerable complex challenges.

The spring academy on artificial intelligence and international law is an innovative one-week training programme, launched in 2019. The programme will provide you with insights into key issues such as safeguarding individual rights, maintaining human agency over AI, and addressing ethical concerns in AI warfare. Delve into questions of responsibility for AI-induced harms and assess the adequacy of existing legal norms. Register now for the next edition, which will take place in the week of 22–26 April 2024.

Key topics

  • technical aspects of AI
  • the philosophy and ethics of AI
  • human rights in relation to AI
  • AI in international humanitarian law
  • AI and international responsibility and international governance

Target audience

  • Researchers and advanced students (master or PhD) in the fields of international law, political science, philosophy, or computer science
  • Policy analysts and legal advisers working on innovation and technology in public or private institutions
  • Industry professionals interested in the law and governance of AI

Fee: €1395 (Regular fee), €850 (Student fee), €1250 (Reduced fee for groups)

Scholarships: For this programme, a limited number of T.M.C. Asser Institute scholarships covering registration fees are being offered. The two (cumulative) conditions for eligibility to a scholarship are (1) justifying of limited resources, and (2) justifying of an excellent track record and demonstrating a study or research or professional profile in line with the theme of the academy.

2023 Reviews  
“The spring academy on AI and International Law was an excellent mix of academic disciplines and insights: both in content as well as in lectures and participants. The content varied from technology to ethics and from law to politics. Very interesting!”

“I was impressed with the interdisciplinary approach to design this programme. It was very useful to understand the nature of AI issues by having the computer programmer's perspective on the first day, and eventually we moved onto more concrete legal problems.”

“It is an excellent educational experience for those who want to understand the main issues in AI and international law. The quality of the faculty is also impressive.”

“I had heard a lot of positive things about this spring academy prior to joining, and I agree that the programme of this course is very rich and the content is indeed very interesting. I have learned a lot and I just wish it could be longer!!”

[Spring academy] Human rights and the environment: EU's corporate sustainability due diligence revolution (08 - 12 April 2024)

In the last few years, a wave of mandatory due diligence legislation has swept over Europe, kicked-off by France’s Duty of Vigilance Law in 2017. Several European countries, including Europe’s biggest economy Germany, have now enacted their own mandatory due diligence legislation, while the European Union is in the process of adopting an overarching Directive on corporate sustainability due diligence. A growing number of actors, whether companies subject to these obligations, civil society organisations or public entities, need to understand the requirements of sustainability due diligence and the administrative and judicial processes used to regulate its implementations.

Explore corporate sustainability due diligence at our spring academy. Since 2019, the Asser Institute leads with a week-long programme featuring expert lectures and practical sessions. Witness the rise of mandatory due diligence legislation in Europe and understand its impact. Register you interest now for updates on the full programme release.

Key topics

  • Business and human rights
  • N. Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights
  • Human rights due diligence
  • OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Business Conduct
  • French Duty of Vigilance Law
  • German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act
  • Proposal for an EU Directive on corporate sustainability due diligence

Target audience

  • Early- to mid-career professionals
  • Civil servants
  • Lawyers and legal counsel for corporations
  • Civil society representatives       
  • Social auditors
  • Researchers and advanced students

Fee: €1395 (Regular fee), €850 (Student fee), €1250 (Reduced fee for groups)

2023 Reviews
‘In terms of substance, having the opportunity to exchange opinions, networking, al-in-all it was a very successful event.’

‘Very much liked how Antoine regularly situated the debate: In presentations of others he was often putting things in perspective of the overall framework, this was really useful.’

‘I expected to hear many different perspectives over a few pieces of legislation and this was met - splitting the days by different legislation was a great way to provide detail without confusing different pieces.’

‘I learnt a lot in terms of content and also it was a very good networking event.’

‘Great professionals and excellent materials.’

‘Excellent course arrangement, detailed information shared before the course, good housekeeping, and location are also accessible.’

Make sure to secure your spot in our 2024 training programmes and gain the knowledge and skills to thrive in a rapidly changing world. Register now and embark on a rewarding journey of professional growth.

After successful completion of these programmes, you will receive a professional certificate from the T.M.C. Asser Instituut.  

If you have any questions about the content of these courses, please send an email to educationtraining@asser.nl. We will respond within two working days.

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