Publications 2021

Articles – non refereed

Castellanos-Jankiewicz, L.
Mexico v. Smith & Wesson: U.S. Court Duel Over Extraterritorial Legal Issues Looms with Motion to Dismiss’, Just Security (2021). 

Castellanos-Jankiewicz, L.
México vs. Smith & Wesson: una batalla legal sobre elementos extraterritoriales’, Nexos (2021).

Nijman, J.E.
Rentmeesterschap’, Christen Democratische Verkenningen, nr. 4 (2021).

Articles – refereed

Gordon, G.
On the Future Perfect of Artificial Intelligence and War: War and Algorithm Review Essay’, Liljefors, M.,  Noll, G., & Steuer, D., War and Algorithm. Rowman & Littlefield International (2019): 232 pp, Journal of Conflict and Security Law (2021).

Idriz, N.
Possible Model(s) for Post-Brexit EU-UK Relations in Light of Existing Constraints in EU Law’, 20 Ankara Review of European Studies, Special Issue: Brexit (2021): 35-68.

Okoli, C.
‘Analysis of Choice of Court Agreements in Nigeria in the Year 2020’, 2(21) Dutch Journal of Private International Law (NIPR) (2021): 292-305.

Paulussen, C.
‘Stripping foreign fighters of their citizenship: International human rights and humanitarian law considerations’, International Review of the Red Cross (2021)-1-14.

Soltanzadeh, S.
Strictly Human: Limitations of Autonomous Systems’, 31(3) Minds and Machines (2021).

Book chapters

Bhuta, N. & Mignot-Mahdavi, R.
‘Dangerous Proportions: Means and Ends in Non-Finite War’, in: Bhuta, N., Hoffmann, F., Knuckey, S., Mégret, F., & Satterthwaite, M. (eds.), The Struggle for Human Rights: Essays in honour of Philip Alston, Oxford: Oxford University Press (2021).

Kassoti, E. & Wessel, R.A.
‘The Conclusion of Trade Agreements and the EU’s Duty to Respect Human Rights Abroad: Extraterritorial and Territorial Considerations’, in: Cunha Rodrigues, N. (ed.), Extraterritoriality of EU Economic Law, Springer (2021), 21p.

Lazić, V. and Pretelli, I.
‘Revised Recognition and Enforcement Procedures in Regulation Brussels IIter’, in: Bonomi, A., Romano, G.P., & Pretelli, I. Yearbook of Private International Law, Verlag Dr. Otto Schmidt, Volume XXII  (2020/2021): 155 – 182.

Lazić, V.
‘The Rights of the Child and the Right to Respect for Family Life in the Revised Brussels II bis Regulation’, in: Iglesias Sánchez, S./González Pascual, M. (eds.), Fundamental Rights in the EU Area of Freedom, Security and Justice, Cambridge University Press (2021): 192-210.

Paulussen, C.
‘ISIS en seksueel terrorisme: reikwijdte, uitdagingen en de voor- en nadelen van het label’, in: Kooijmans, T., Ouwerkerk, J., Rijken, C. & Simmelink, J. (eds.), Op zoek naar evenwicht: Liber amicorum Marc Groenhuijsen, Deventer: Wolters Kluwer (2021): 611-620.

Soltanzadeh, S. & Mooney, M.
‘Autonomy in the Context of Decision-Making Dilemmas’, in: Do Desporto/On Sports: theoria vs praxis/theory vs praxis, Coimbra (Portugal): IEF (Instituto de Estudos Filosóficos) and fundação do desporto (2021): 147-162.


Aust, H.P. & Nijman, J.E. 
Urban Legacies of 9/11: An International Law Perspective’, Verfassungsblog: On Matters Constitutional, 6 October 2021.

Nijman, J.E.
Rentmeesterschap’, column in CDV, nr. 4, 16 December 2021. 


Kassoti, E. & Carrozzini, A.
A Curia Mundi? The CJEU’s judgment in Case C-872/19 P Venezuela v Council’, EU Law Analysis, 16 August 2021.

Kassoti, E.
'The Long Road Home: The CJEU's Judgments in Joined Cases T-344/19 and T-356/19 and in Case T-272/19 Front Polisario v Council', Verfassungsblog: On matters constitutional, 6 October 2021.

Okoli, C.
Can a Foreign Company that is not registered in Nigeria maintain an action in Nigerian Courts?’, Conflict of, 6 September 2021.

Okoli, C.
The Nigerian Court of Appeal recognises the Immunity of the President of the Commission of ECOWAS from being impleaded in Nigerian courts’, Conflict of, 26 October 2021.


Rieder, B., Sileno, G. & Gordon, G.
A New AI Lexicon: Monopolization: Concentrated power and economic embeddings in ML & AI, New AI Lexicon (online publication)

Research papers

Ark, R. van (née Grozdanova)
Family Courts as Part of States’ Counter-Terrorism Toolkit: A Welcome Development for the Children of FTFs?’, Asser Research Paper 2021-05 (SSRN), forthcoming in: Capone, F., Mignot-Mahdavi, R. and Paulussen, C. (eds.), Returning Foreign Fighters, The Hague: T.M.C. Asser Press, (2021).

Idriz, N. & Fink, M.
Effective Judicial Protection in the external dimension of the EU’s Migration and Asylum Policies’, Asser Research Paper 2021-04 (SSRN), forthcoming in: Kassoti, E. & Idriz, N. (eds.), The Informalisation of the EU’s External Action in the Field of Migration and Asylum, The Hague: T.M.C. Asser Press (2021).

Kassoti, E. & Carrozzini, A.
One Instrument in Search of an Author: Revisiting the Authorship and Legal Nature of the EU-Turkey Statement’, Asser Research Paper 2021-03 (SSRN), forthcoming in: Kassoti, E. & Idriz, N. (eds.), The Informalisation of the EU’s External Action in the Field of Migration and Asylum, The Hague: T.M.C. Asser Press (2021).

Paulussen, C. & Mehra, T.
Evidentiary and charging matters in the context of prosecuting returning foreign fighters before national courts’, Asser Research Paper 2021-06 (SSRN), forthcoming in: Capone, F., Paulussen, C. and Mignot-Mahdavi, R. (eds.), Returning Foreign Fighters: Responses, Challenges and Ways Forward, The Hague: T.M.C. Asser Press, (2021).

Soltanzadeh, S. & Mooney, M.
Autonomy in the Context of Decision-Making Dilemmas’, Asser Research Paper 2021-07 (SSRN), forthcoming in: Do Desporto/On Sports: theoria vs praxis /theory vs praxis, Coimbra (Portugal): IEF (Instituto de Estudos Filosóficos) and Fundação do desporto, (2021).

Policy briefs 

Grama, B., Duval, A., van Baar, A. & Roorda, L.
Third Revised Draft Treaty on Business and Human Rights: Comments and Recommendations’, Asser Policy Brief 2021-01 (SSRN), October 2021.