[New podcast] Asser Institute launches JurisDictions: International law podcast

Published 8 February 2024

The first episode of JurisDictions explores the role of maps in international law (c) Shutterstock

How is it that a movie about a children’s toy can raise tensions over territorial sovereignty? And why is it that certain international disputes draw more global attention than others? The Asser Institute launched JurisDictions, a monthly educational podcast that explores the stories behind international legal concepts and issues. Each episode focuses on a particular concept that experts will break down and explain.

In the first episode, hosts Carl Lewis and Miranda Lalla explore the concept of maps in international law. Prompted by the controversy surrounding the map used in the Barbie movie, they speak to international legal experts Dr Yusra Suedi (University of Manchester), Dr Brendan Plant (University of Cambridge), Prof Krista Wiegand (University of Tennessee), and Mr William Worster (The Hague University of Applied Sciences) to find out more about the role of maps in international law.

The importance of (fictional) maps in international law

Listeners, and in particular students, are encouraged to write to jurisdictions@asser.nl if they have any concepts or issues they would like to learn more about.

Hague Courts Dialogue Series podcast
The Hague Courts Dialogue Series podcast has been renamed to JurisDictions. The existing and future episodes of the Hague Courts Dialogue Series will remain as a sub-series.

JurisDictions is available on Apple, Spotify and most podcast platforms as well as our website. Subscribe now.

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