Dr Carl Emilio Lewis


  • Department:
  • Research strand: Public interest(s) inside/within international and European institutions and their practices
  • Main fields of interest: International Human Rights Law International Legal Theory Philosophy of Law Public International Law


Dr Carl Lewis is a researcher in the ‘Dispute Settlement and Adjudication in International and European Law’ strand at the T.M.C. Asser Institute. His research concerns the ways in which international dispute settlement bodies contribute to the contingent (re)affirmation of the values proclaimed by their overarching institutions, as well as how the legal stratification of nation states affects the international legal community’s move towards dignity as a central organising principle of the international legal order. Before joining the Asser Institute, Carl was a lecturer in Comparative Law and Legal Philosophy at Tilburg University, where he also obtained his PhD. His doctoral thesis, entitled ‘Public International Law and the Pursuit of Universality’, took an interdisciplinary approach to the long-running debate as to the potential universality of international law. Turning to philosophy for clarification as to whether or not a defence can be made as to the universality of certain norms of international law, the thesis ultimately offers a defence for a pursuit of universality that may withstand the critique of such being inextricable from empire. In his role as lecturer, Carl has taught courses in Public International Law, Comparative Law, Constitutional Law and Legal Philosophy, amongst others. He was also a lecturer at the Department of International and European Law of Utrecht University, where he supervised master theses in public international law. Along with a doctorate in law, Carl holds an LLM  in Public International Law from Leiden University, and an LLB in European Legal Studies from the University of Westminster (first class honours).

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