[New publication] EBOR's latest issue: Insights into European financial regulation

Published 11 June 2024

The latest issue of the European Business Organization Law Review published by T.M.C. Asser Press, is available now. The journal brings together a collection of articles diving deep into crucial aspects of European financial regulation and the future of equivalence in the EU financial sector. Most of the articles are available as open access publication.  

The new issue of the European Business Organization Law Review (EBOR) starts with an introduction to third-country regimes in European financial regulation. When assessing the operational rights or treatment of foreign banks in the European Union, the EU will assess whether the standards of regulation and supervision in a bank’s home market are ‘equivalent’ to those of the EU. 

Authors share insights on prospects of equivalence in the EU financial sector, shedding light on the evolving landscape post-Brexit and access to the UK financial market.  

A transatlantic perspective offers valuable comparative insights into both the United States and Switzerland’s perspective on equivalence. Readers will also find analyses on the current EU third-country regime for credit institutions and upcoming changes, along with discussions on central counterparties (CCPs)—financial institutions that facilitate trading in various markets by acting as intermediaries between buyers and sellers. Additionally, the issue covers collective investment schemes.  

Insightful articles 
Each article offers a unique perspective
on the challenges and opportunities presented by third-country regimes and equivalence in European financial regulation. To access the newest issue of EBOR and delve into these insightful articles, visit the journal's website here.

Notably, eight of the articles in this issue are open access, providing free and unrestricted access to readers worldwide.  

About the European Business Organization Law Review
Focused on European business structures, the European Business Organization Law Review (EBOR), published by T.M.C. Asser Press in cooperation with Springer Nature, fosters critical analysis of how companies, groups, and state-owned enterprises choose their legal forms to operate across the European Union. This analysis encompasses corporate law, firm theory, capital market theory, and related legal issues.