Constitutions of value symposium

The fourth symposium on 'Constitutions of value' was led by senior researcher at the Asser Institute Dr Geoff Gordon and Prof. Isabel Feichtner (University of Würzburg). This symposium presents the beginnings and first fruits of a transdisciplinary research project on the legal constitutions of value. It takes a view of value not as exogenous to law and society, not as something to be identified, promoted and protected by law. Rather, the contributions to this symposium examine the ways in which value is (co-)constituted, structured and shaped by law, together with politics, economics, science and technology. We thus hope to advance the understanding of how legally co-constituted value and value practices make and unmake society, and how as lawyers we can put that knowledge to work for change.

  1. Constitutions of Value: Introduction to the Symposium - Geoff Gordon and Isabel Feichtner 
  2. How About an Anthropological Critique of Value? - 
  3. Marx, Wertkritik and the Illusions of State, Politics and Law - 
  4. The Constitution of Non-Monetary Surplus Values - 
  5. Value-capture, Development and Social Reproduction in International Trade Law - 
  6. The Market as a ʻRigged Gameʼ? Economic Value and the Challenge of Ecologically Unequal Exchange - 
  7. Reform of International Corporate Tax Norms: A Value-Theoretical Perspective - 
  8. We Need to Talk About Valuation in ISDS - 
  9. A Valuable Image: The Publicity of Global Justice Actors - 
  10. Law and the “Value” of Future Expectations: Climate Change, Stranded Assets and Capitalist Dynamics - 
  11. The Global Forex Market and the Legal Constitution of Money - 
  12. The Constitutional Theory of the Firm and Varieties of Capitalism - 
  13. Value as Potentiality – Blockchain and the Age of Institutional Challenges - , 
  14. On the Value of Human Rights - 
  15. Hospitality Ltd - 
  16. Conclusion to the Symposium "Constitutions of Value" -  and