[Share your opinion about the NNHRR!] PhD Members Satisfaction Survey

Published 17 May 2024

If you are a current PhD member of the Netherlands Network for Human Rights Research (NNHRR), please consider filling out this survey. We aim to gather your opinions on your satisfaction with NNHRR events, activities, and working groups, as well as your preferences for publishing your thesis.

The survey consists of only eight questions and will take approximately 3 minutes to complete. The survey is anonymous and will not store any of your personal data. Fill in the survey via this link!

Would you like to directly talk to one of our PhD representatives? Reach out to Lisa van Roermund (lisa.vanroermund@ru.nl) or Noor Swart (n.j.l.swart@rug.nl).

Questions? Contact nnhrr@asser.nl.