Migration & Borders

This working group attempts to advance the exchange of knowledge in the field of international human rights standards and their relation to international migration and bordering practices.

The aim is to build a network, share knowledge on theoretical, methodological and empirical insights, learn and engage with other scholars and scholarship and promote public outreach.

Participating members: 
Mariana Gkliati
Tihomir Sabchev
Sara Miellet
Elif Durmus
Annick Pijnenburg
Lukasz Dziedzic
Zeynep Kasli
Jackson Oldfield
Otto Spijkers
Conny Rijken
Melanie Fink
Amélie Poméon
Maria Shaidrova
Narin Idriz

Coordinating Board: 
Mariana Gkliati
Annick Pijnenburg