Business & Human Rights

The working group on "Business and Human Rights" is for junior and senior members of the network who conduct research within the field of business and human rights, including research on human rights and non-state actors more generally. The aim of this working group is to connect members of the network by facilitating on a regular basis the exchange of knowledge, to encourage collaboration between members, and to keep each other updated about the state of research.

Tamara Horbachevska - PhD candidate at Wageningen University 

Chiara Macchi - Lecturer in Law at Wageningen University
Jindan-Karena Mann - PhD candidate at the Amsterdam Center for International Law and the Department of Criminal Law
Dalia Palombo - Assistant Professor at Tilburg University 

Previous Coordinators
Ben Grama - PhD candidate at Tilburg University 
Daniela Heerdt - Research Officer at the Centre for Sports and Human Rights
Lottie Lane - Assistant Professor of Public International Law at University of Groningen

Stephanie Triefus - PhD candidate at Erasmus University Rotterdam 

Working group members
Daniel Augenstein - Associate Professor at Tilburg University
Annika van Baar - Assistant Professor at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam 
Nadia Bernaz - Associate Professor at Wageningen University

Katharine Booth - PhD candidate at UNSW Sydney 
Debadatta Bose - Doctoral researcher in Business and Human Rights/Lecturer of Law Faculty of Law at UvA
Antoine Duval - Senior Researcher at the T.M.C. Asser Institute
Liesbeth Enneking - Professor at Erasmus University Rotterdam
Abdurrahman Erol - PhD candidate at Erasmus University Rotterdam
Candice Foot - PhD candidate at Erasmus University Rotterdam 
Ben Grama - PhD candidate at Tilburg University 
Antenor Hallo de Wolf - Assistant Professor at the University of Groningen
Tomas Hamilton - Postdoc at Rethinking SLC 
Marlies Hesselman - Lecturer International Law/PhD researcher at the University of Groningen
Nicola Jägers - Professor at Tilburg University
Irene Kamara - Assistant Professor at Tilburg University
Manuel Kiewisch - PhD candidate at Wageningen University
Tabea Krauss - PhD candidate at Erasmus University Rotterdam
Zhuolon Li - Visiting researcher PhD at Wageningen University 
Claire Loven - PhD candidate at Utrecht University
Eva Nave - PhD candidate at Leiden University
Phillip Paiement - Associate Professor at Tilburg University 
Maire De Pinieux - Visiting researcher PhD at Wagenigen
Lucas Roorda - Assistant Professor at Utrecht University 

Cedric Ryngaert - Professor at Utrecht University
Göran Sluiter - Professor at University of Amsterdam and Open University 
Nicky Touw - PhD candidate at Open University
Margaretha Wewerinke-Singh - Assistant Professor at Leiden University