Research Workshops on Human Rights: call for applications

Network members and PhD Members in particular are invited to submit proposals for one-day or half-day research workshops on human rights involving their faculty, members from other stakeholder universities within the Network and researchers from third-party institutions. The present call seeks to enhance academic exchange opportunities for all Network members across themes, levels of seniority and research fields.

All members of the Network may apply to organise a Research Workshop on Human Rights. Workshops must be co-convened by at least two members of the Network. To enhance inter-generational knowledge exchange, workshops should be co-convened by at least one PhD Member and one Senior Member wherever possible, and two different member institutions should be involved. Persons who are not members of the Network may participate in the workshops as speakers or presenters, but not as (co-)conveners.

Application & budget
Full proposals must be submitted by the (co-)conveners to the Network’s Academic Coordinator ( through this form. If several panels are proposed, a short abstract or concept note for each panel should be included in the proposal. Proposals should aim at enhancing academic exchange among Network stakeholder universities, involve persons with varying levels of seniority and incorporate as many subfields as possible. They will be assessed and approved by the Academic Coordinator and the Chair of the Steering Committee.

In principle, budgeted expenses should not exceed 1,500 euros. Higher amounts can be allocated to workshops under special circumstances that are duly justified by the (co-)conveners.

The Network will cover all costs related to holding the workshops, including: transportation and accommodation for speakers when applicable, coffee break, lunch break and a workshop dinner, budget allowing. Planned costs must be outlined in the budget, including travel itineraries. All funding will be reimbursed against receipts and a reimbursement form will be provided to this end. When air and rail travel are involved, boarding passes and tickets must be presented for refunds to be processed. It is expected that the conveners’ host institutions contribute with a venue for the workshops in kind.

Conveners will be responsible for the content and organisation of the workshop. They will also be responsible for its dissemination as well as for managing registrations. The workshops will ideally be held in one of the conveners’ home institution and the Asser Institute will remain available as a fall-back option.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, and the Network has funding for eight workshops per year.

Successful applicants commit to writing a 1000-word report in blogpost form summarising the activity, discussions and outcome. This will be published on the Network’s website, or on the Network blog, Human Rights Here. For an example of the expected report, click here.

Download more information

NNHRR Research Workshop Application Form.docx