[Interview] New Phd Representatives

Published 5 October 2023
By Ewa Romanowska

On 1 September 2023, Noor Swart and Lisa van Roermund became new PhD Representatives of the NNHRR (Netherlands Network for Human Rights Research). Noor is completing her PhD at Radboud University, while Lisa is completing it at the University of Groningen. On 28 September 2023, we have recorded a brief interview to highlight the plans connected with the NNHRR, their research and the path that brought them into academia. Watch the full interview here.

During this chat, Lisa and Noor highlighted the significance of PhD candidates connecting and seeking inspiration from fellow researchers. They also discussed common concerns that individuals might encounter as they embark on their PhD journey. Additionally, they explored the intersection of their work, focusing on how it connects academia with practice and the benefits of both. 

The role of the PhD Representatives is to connect the interests of our junior members to the main decision-making body of the NNHRR, the Steering Committee. You can reach out to the PhD Representatives at lisa.vanroermund@ru.nl and n.j.l.swart@rug.nl