MATRA PATROL - Administration of Justice

04 - 14 October 2015

Please note that this training programme has already taken place

A well-functioning and independent judicial system is a prerequisite for the Rule of Law. This requires that the administration of justice is carried out in an efficient manner, where all involved collaborate professionally, on the basis of transparency, impartiality and integrity thus ensuring legal certainty for everyone. A well-functioning judicial system requires strong institutions, capable of implementing the necessary means for protection of due process rights and principles of the rule of law. The EU Commission’s country reports of the target countries criticise inefficient procedures; which reveal slow progress these last years in the implementation of the necessary measures for responsibility and the reform of administrative procedures as well as the impartiality of the judiciary. This training programme addresses organisational and policy related problems in order to improve institutional reform in the target countries.

Training programme

The Administration of Justice training is characterised by an interactive and practical approach. The theoretical part presents and shares knowledge and best practices from the Dutch judicial system enabling participants to use this experience to improve the judicial system in their home countries ahead of EU accession. Study visits and attending court sessions as well as the availability of practitioners for discussion contributes to build networks and to gain more in depth knowledge. During the course personal competences are furthered by training debating, writing and discussion skills.

Target group

Senior civil servants, judges, public prosecutors and officers employed by the national Ministries of Justice/(semi) governmental organisations (courts and prosecution services) and charged with the development of the organisation of the judicial procedure in their respective countries.

Information and training programme organisation

T.M.C. Asser Instituut