Advanced Summer Programme on Countering Terrorism: Legal Challenges and Dilemmas

28 August - 01 September 2017
  • Starts at: 09:00h
  • Fee: € 1695
  • Venue: T.M.C. Asser Instituut
  • Organiser: T.M.C. Asser Instituut and the International Centre for Counter-Terrorism – The Hague
  • Address: R.J. Schimmelpennincklaan 20-22
    2517 JN The Hague
  • Email:

In the past years, terrorism has continued to gain ground as one of the most complex and pressing problems of contemporary societies. Terrorist attacks have hit countries around the world, pushing governments to adopt new policies and measures attempting to address a constantly evolving threat.

In order to understand and respond to the global problem of terrorism, the Asser Institute and the International Centre for Counter-Terrorism – The Hague (ICCT) are offering the unique Advanced Summer Programme on Countering Terrorism: Legal Challenges and Dilemmas from 28 August – 1 September 2017. During an intensive week, experts will provide participants with key insights into the current issues surrounding counter-terrorism from a legal perspective, together with state-of-the-art tools to respond to terrorism.

The comprehensive programme addresses counter-terrorism from a variety of perspectives. Topics covered include the definition of terrorism; the notion of ‘global war on terror’; the legal framework surrounding the use of armed drones for targeted killings; the protection of human rights while countering terrorism; preventive and repressive responses to the phenomenon of foreign fighters; challenges regarding the prosecution of (returning) foreign fighters; and the role of intelligence gathering and sharing in counter-terrorism. The lectures are complemented with study visits to international institutions in The Hague.

Speakers include:

  • Professor Helen Duffy (Leiden University)
  • Dr Alastair Reed (ICCT)
  • Jan Wouters (KU Leuven)
  • Dr Bérénice Boutin (T.M.C. Asser Institutt/ICCT)
  • Judge David Baragwanath (Special Tribunal for Lebanon)
  • Sergei Boeke (ICCT/Leiden University)
  • Jessica Dorsey (PAX)
  • Professor Richard English (Queen’s University, Belfast)
  • Dr Bibi van Ginkel (ICCT/Clingendael Institute)
  • Andreas Schüller (European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights)
  • Dr Kinga Tibori-Szabó (Kosovo Specialist Chambers)
  • Paul Minnebo (Europol)
  • Roger Lambrichts (Public Prosecution Service)

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What will you gain?

  • A solid understanding of the different challenges, underlying dilemmas, and rule-of-law responses when countering terrorism;

  • An outstanding opportunity to explore, together with high level speakers, long-term, effective, international rule-of-law-based strategies and measures for countering terrorism; and

  • Unique networking opportunities with speakers and participants from diverse backgrounds.

Who should participate?
The summer programme is designed for front-line practitioners, policy makers, diplomats and (military) lawyers. Professionals working at think-and-do tanks, international organisations, universities (including PhD students) and in the criminal justice sector, who want to expand their knowledge of the underlying legal tenets and dilemmas in countering today’s and tomorrow’s terrorism, are also invited to apply.


Please read the Registration Information & Conditions carefully before registration.

€ 1695

This fee includes lectures, study materials, study visits, water/tea/coffee and lunch during working days, a reception and an opening dinner. The fee does not cover (international) travel costs, domestic travel to and from airports, (hotel) accommodation, insurance or other expenses. The T.M.C. Asser Instituut can provide prospective participants with a list of suitable hotels in The Hague.

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