Shiraka Training Programme - Administration of Justice 2017-2018

12 - 21 November 2017
  • Starts at: 09:00h
  • Venue: T.M.C. Asser Instituut
  • Organiser: T.M.C. Asser Instituut
  • Address: R.J. Schimmelpennincklaan 20-22
    2517 JN The Hague
  • Email:

The Netherlands-Arab Partnership (Shiraka) was launched by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a successor to the Matra South Programme. Shiraka aims to support the sustainable democratic transition and is dedicated to contribute to the political developments in the Arab region.

One of the components of this partnership is the Shiraka Training Programme (STP), an instrument for enforcement of the bilateral relations between the Netherlands and eligible countries at government level.

This year’s professional development course on ‘Administration of Justice’ is being implemented by the T.M.C. Asser Instituut. The course consists of a theoretical and practical component, as well as study visits. The objective of this course is for civil servants, judges and prosecutors working in the field of administration of justice to share their knowledge and skills enabling them to lead and inspire the modernisation of the judiciary and prosecution services. The course also aims to strengthen participants’ ties with the Netherlands and the Dutch government; especially between Dutch civil servants and their counterparts in the target countries. 

Eligible countries for this course are:
 Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Jordan, Kuwait, Libya, Lebanon, Morocco, Mauritania, Oman, Palestinian Territories, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and United Arab Emirates.

Course outline and content

  • Safeguards of Judicial Independence            
  • Rule of law principles as foundations of administration of justice
  • Integrity and Modernisation of the Judiciary
  • Integrity of adjudication and dealing with the media in the courts
  • Practical skills workshop 
  • Internationalisation of Administration of Justice  
  • Mediation practices and small claims procedures

Study visits
To complement the classroom content, several study visits will be organised.

Dates, location and language
The professional development course will take 2 weeks in total.   

  • Part I: 12-21 November 2017, The Hague, NL (T.M.C. Asser Instituut)
  • Part II: March 2018, in one of the participating countries            

The courses will be delivered in English, with interpretation into Arabic. Participants are obliged to attend both parts in full. After completing the course, participants will receive a certificate.

Costs and fees
The Dutch government will take care of all relevant costs for participants from countries on the OECD-DAC list. This includes international travel, board and lodging, visa and insurance, and tuition fees for the course. Participants from countries that are not on the OECD-DAC list will pay for their own international travel costs; flight tickets and visa. Board and lodging, insurance and tuition fees for the course will be covered by the Dutch government.  All applicants are responsible for the organisation and costs of travelling to the airport in their own country. In case of no-shows or cancellations within four weeks before the start of the first part of the training, the organisation has the right to claim all costs incurred from the participants’ employer.

Registration is open! Applications should be submitted online before 28 August 2017. To apply you have to first create an account which will enable you to fill out the online application form. Go to the website:  

Download the brochure in English here

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