[Summer programme] Sport and human rights

27 - 30 June 2023
  • Starts at: 09:00h
  • Fee: €1095 (Regular fee) / €650 (NGO or student fee)
  • Venue: FIFPRO - Scorpius 161, 2132 LR Hoofddorp
  • Organiser: Asser Institute and Centre for Sport and Human Rights in partnership with FIFPRO
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Join us for our unique training programme on ‘Sport and human rights’ jointly organised by the Centre for Sport and Human Rights and the Asser Institute  and hosted by FIFPRO. After the success of the first edition in 2022 the programme returns, focusing on the link between the sport and human rights and zooming in on a number of challenges underlying this link, such as the human rights impacts of day-to-day sports, the normative framework and applicability of the UNGPs in the sporting context,  the rights of athletes, gender and sports, remedies for sport-related human rights harms, and more. 

Tackling contemporary human rights challenges in sport
The programme brings together the latest in academic research with practical experiences from working in the field in an interactive package, fostering productive exchanges between the speakers and participants. Theoretical knowledge will be complemented by exposure to hands-on know-how and exercises.

Participants will have the opportunity to learn from experts from the Asser Institute, the Centre for Sport and Human Rights, and FIFPRO, as well as high-profile external speakers from both academia and practice. 

Latest version of the full 4-day programme

What will you gain?

  • An extensive introduction to the emergence of the sport and human rights movement

  • A greater understanding of the normative framework for human rights standards in sport

  • A comprehensive overview of the latest developments in the interplay between gender and sports

  • Practical know-how to govern  human rights in the context of sporting organisations

  • Practical know-how to address  human rights risks in the context of day-to-day sports, including safeguarding

  • Practical know-how to access remedy in human rights disputes

  • The opportunity to engage in discussions and network with leading academics and professionals 

Topics addressed in this summer programme include:

  • The emergence of the sport and human rights discussion/movement

  • The integration of human rights in the governance of sport

  • The protection of athletes’ rights

  • Gender and sports

  • Access to remedy for sport-related human rights harms


Magali Martowicz (International Olympic Committee)
Madeleine Pape (International Olympic Committee)
William Rook (Centre for Sport and Human Rights)
Sylvia Schenk (Transparency International Germany, IOC, Herbert Smith Freehills)
Kirsten Witte-Abe (Deutsche Olympischer Sportbund)
Andreas Graf (FIFA)
Claudia Villa (Commonwealth Sport)
Thays Prado (CSHR)
Giovanni di Cola (ILO Office)
Alexandra Gomez BruinewoudSarah GregoriusNienke van Gerven (FIFPRO)
Daniela Heerdt (Asser Institute - Coordinator)
Antoine Duval (Asser Institute - Coordinator)

What do our alumni say about the programme?
The sport and human rights programme is unique and multidisciplinary. A mix of theory and practical exercises will give you the foundations to tackle contemporary human rights challenges in sport.

Iselin Shaw - International Advisor at the Football Association of Norway (NFF)

 Jovina Choo - World Olympians Association

Valeryia Lukhverchyk - Board Member of International Sport Lawyers Association and Head of Outreach for International Football Arbitration Moot

The Centre for Sport and Human Rights is funding a scholarship for an outstanding master student, PhD candidate, or civil society representative from an underrepresented group, including those from the global South, to participate in the Asser Institute’s summer programme ‘Sport and Human Rights’. More information is available on their website.

Deadline for scholarships has passed.