[SCL Lecture] Navigating the international legal landscape of the Israel-Palestine conflict

19 December 2023
  • Starts at: 18:00h
  • Fee: Free
  • Venue: Online
  • Organiser: Asser Institute, IHCL Platform
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The attack by Hamas on 7 October 2023 and the response by Israel has dominated the news for many weeks now. The conflict, which is affecting thousands of innocent civilians, is understandably stirring strong emotions and raising concerns about misinformation. To provide an informed perspective on this critical issue, this Supranational Criminal Law (SCL) lecture will delve into various international legal aspects of the Israel-Palestine conflict.

The lecture will focus on three key areas:

Jus ad bellum: Examining the scope of the right to self-defence
The jus ad bellum refers to the conditions under which States may resort to war or to the use of armed force in general.

Jus in bello: Addressing critical questions related to targeting
The jus in bello, also known as the law of armed conflict or humanitarian law, is the international legal regime that regulates the conduct of parties engaged in an armed conflict. It seeks to minimise suffering during armed conflict by protecting and assisting victims of armed conflict.

Jus post bellum: Exploring avenues for accountability, with a particular emphasis on the crime of starvation
The jus post bellum, also known as the law of post-conflict justice, is the international legal framework that deals with the legal and moral implications of the termination of armed conflict. It encompasses the principles and norms that govern the transition from war to peace, including the establishment of peace agreements, the reconstruction of war-torn societies, and the pursuit of accountability for crimes committed during the conflict.


  •        Prof. Terry Gill (Emeritus Professor of Military Law, University of Amsterdam)
  •        Prof. Helen Duffy (Professor of International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, Leiden University, and Director, Human Rights in Practice)
  •        Yousuf Syed Khan J.D. LL.M. (Senior Lawyer, Global Rights Compliance)


  •        Dr Christophe Paulussen (Senior Researcher, Asser Institute)

To facilitate comprehensive understanding, the webinar will consist of a moderated Q&A session featuring experts, followed by an open Q&A session for online participants.


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