ICC Trial Competition and Seminar on Core Role of International Justice and Human Rights Research

02 - 02 February 2012
  • Starts at: 13:00h
  • Venue: Uithof, Ruppert Building
  • Organiser: Utrecht University
  • Address: Utrecht

Dutch Preliminaries of the International Criminal Court Trial Competition & Seminar on International Justice and Human Rights Research
2 February 2012
Utrecht University, Ruppert building (Uithof)

The Dutch Preliminaries of the International Criminal Court (“the ICC”) Trial Competition in the English Language will take place on 2 February 2012 at Utrecht University. The actual hearing will be followed by a seminar on the “Core role of international justice and human rights research for the work of the ICC and other international judicial institutions based in the Netherlands”. 

This event is event is organized by the Utrecht University, the Ad Informandum student organization of criminal law and criminology associated with the Willem Pompe Institute, and the Ibero-American Institute of the Hague for Peace, Human Rights and International Justice (“the IIH”). It has the institutional support of the International Criminal Court, the International Criminal Law Network, the T.M.C. Asser Institute and the International Bar Association. It is also supported by the Utrecht Law Review, the Merkourious Journal of International and European Law and the following student organizations at Utrecht Faculty of Law, Economic and Governance: Urios, JSVU, Molengraaff Dispuut, Sirius, Politeia, and Pleitgenooschap Eggens.  

The event is organized within the framework of the celebration of the Xth anniversary of the establishment of the International Criminal Court (“the ICC”) in the Hague, and will be chaired by the ICC Registrar, Mdme. Silvana Arbia. 

Those wishing to attend the oral hearing and/or the subsequent seminar on international  justice and human rights research do not need to register.   

For more information, please download the flyer below.