HILAC lecture 'Cyber warfare', with prof. Tsagourias and prof. Gill

12 - 12 June 2012
  • Starts at: 19:00h
  • Fee: Free
  • Venue: T.M.C. Asser Instituut
  • Organiser: T.M.C. Asser Instituut
  • Address: R.J. Schimmelpennincklaan 20-22
    2517 JN The Hague
  • Email: conferencemanager@asser.nl

Law and Armed Conflict Lecture Series
‘Cyber Warfare'

The fear for future cyber wars as well as for cyber attacks by armed groups have led to the establishment of or significant increases in the budgets for cyber defence in many States. International law has not yet been ‘increased’ or adapted, however. This symposium will address some of the challenges that international law faces in dealing with cyber warfare. Prof. Tsagourias will address the jus ad bellum aspects of cyber attacks and self-defence. He will consider the question of whether a cyber attack can constitute an armed attack for self-defence purposes, the applicable attribution criteria and whether self-defence can be exercised against states and/or non-state actors. He is followed by prof. Gill, who will turn to the jus in bello aspects of cyber warfare and discuss the challenges it poses to international humanitarian law.

Nicholas Tsagourias
Professor of International law and Security, University of Glasgow

Terry Gill
Professor of Military Law, University of Amsterdam and the Netherlands Defence Academy, Associate Professor of Public International Law, Utrecht University

Participation is free of charge and registration is not needed. Seats available on a first-come first-serve basis. Coffee and tea provided.