Conference: Preventing fraud, corruption and bribery committed by and through legal entities

13 - 13 July 2012
  • Starts at: 09:00h
  • Organiser: Polish Institute of International Affairs, T.M.C. Asser Instituut and the Dutch Ministry of Justice
  • Address: Warsaw

The Conference “Preventing fraud, corruption and bribery committed by and through legal entities“ has been developed by the Polish Institute of International Affairs, and the T.M.C. Asser Instituut in cooperation with the Dutch Ministry of Justice and has been made possible through an action grant provided by the European Commission.

The conference makes part of an EU wide project (entitled “Preventing fraud, corruption and bribery committed through legal entities for the purpose of financial and economic gain”) aiming at providing a contribution to the prevention of and fight against economic crime committed through legal entities. The conference will focus on legal and policy related dimensions of this issue and on best practices regarding the prevention of corruption and other financial and economic crimes.

The conference aims to increase knowledge among authorities of the EU, of its Member States and of accession States about EU and international law and policies regarding organised crime, fraud and corruption. A specific study on this subject matter will be presented. In different sessions speakers will discuss main results of this study and participants will be invited to come forward with their comments and ideas with a view to help improve the current EU and international legal framework, policy strategies and best practices with regard to the prevention of fraud, corruption committed by and through legal entities.

About 80 participants will be invited. Among them are the 30 national rapporteurs who contributed though national reports to the EU-wide study and representatives from law enforcement ministries of EU member States and from leading NGO’s in this field.

For more information on the project please download the Project Information Sheet below