Training on EU External Policy Making and Instrumentation

Nov 1, 2016 - Oct 31, 2017

Project description

The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) awarded a three-year long project (2016-2019) to Leiden University’s Centre for Professional Learning and the Centre for the Law of EU External Relations (CLEER/T.M.C Asser Institute) to train MA diplomats and civil servants from other ministries in EU external relations law and policy.

The aim of the training series was to familiarize diplomats and civil servants from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other ministries with the linkages between national and EU policy-making and instruments, provide them with tips and tricks in negotiations within and coordination with the EU, and crucial networking skills that help them to navigate the maze of the Brussel’s policy-making and influencing arena. Finally, to equip employees to learn and apply this knowledge and skills in their work.