Administration of Justice - Raising capacities of the professionals of the Supreme Court of Albania for better Administration of Justice

Oct 1, 2013 - Sep 1, 2014

Project description

Due to the EU integration process, one of the criteria to be fulfilled by the Albanian government is the judicial reform. One of the most crucial issues to be resolved by the judicial reform in Albania is correlated with shorter time for adjudication of cases by the Supreme Court of Albania (SCA), in order to achieve due process of law in a shorter time period. At the moment, a court case is pending up to three years in the SCA. While the judges of the SCA have received ample training in administration of justice and EU law, legal advisors and personnel of the department for Public relation and External affairs (DPREA) received trainings focused on local law only. There is an urgent need to improve the level of knowledge of professionals of the SCA in EU law and its approach towards Access to Justice and Administration of Justice.

The objective of the project was to build capacity within the SCA (Supreme Court of Albania) and the staff of DPREA (Department for Public Relations and External Affairs) to enable staff to better understand and adopt EU standards in the justice management system in order to reduce the time for case adjudication in the Albanian courts.

Topics addressed in this project:
Administration of Justice
Training as per EU standards on:
- Administration of justice;
- Reduction in time needed for adjudication of court cases;
- Access to justice;
- EU law and regulations on administration of justice;
- Research links and libraries on administration of justice.