Doing Business Right

Doing Business Right is a project within the strand Advancing Public Interests in International and European law. The project focuses on investigating the role of law in securing the public interest in the context of transnational economic activities. In particular, it aims to address the function of law in ensuring that economic globalisation is reflective of its publics.

The Doing Business Right Blog offers an academic platform for scholars and practitioners interested in questions related to Doing Business Right. It hosts in-depth case studies, but also more theoretical takes on the normative underpinnings of the idea of Doing Business Right. Posts cover issues as diverse as national, EU, international and transnational regulations applying to transnational business conduct. Case law from the CJEU or international tribunals, national courts, as well as decisions from international organisations will be recurring objects of discussion and analysis. Practices of transnational companies and their effects are also scrutinized. Go to the Doing Business Right Blog.

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