Research Seminars and Research Labs

During the Asser Research Seminars, external researchers are invited to present their current and upcoming research with the Asser research community. The seminars are semi-open, as we invite a few external people who may be interested in the specific topic of the seminar. However, we aim to keep the group’s size limited, to stimulate interaction and high quality, in-depth discussions. Researchers who are interested in presenting their research to the Asser research community are very welcome to send an e-mail to the coordinator of the seminars Dr. Christophe Paulussen (

Research seminars & labs in 2019:

Research seminars & labs in 2018:

  • 25 January: Anna Wójcik (visiting research fellow), “Coming to terms with Soviet and communist past. Memory laws and their human rights implications”.
  • 8 February: Enrico Partiti, “Trusting global value chains? Voluntary sustainability standards and human rights due diligence in trust-based transnational regulatory approaches”.
  • 22 February: Geoff Gordon, "New methods for researching institutions of international law".
  • 8 March: Rumyana Grozdanova (visiting research fellow), “Cyber Space: The ‘New’ Frontier for Counter-Terrorism, Human Dignity and Individual Identities”.
  • 10 April: Vesna Lazic, "Recent developments in European PIL and International Arbitration – CJEU and decisions of national courts", with the emphasis on the CJEU judgment of 6 March 2018 (Achmea).
  • 26 April: Jens Hillebrand Pohl (visiting research fellow), "Individual-rights screening of international investments".
  • 30 May: Maria Weimer (invited speaker), “Reconciling regulatory space with external accountability
    through WTO adjudication – Trade, environment and development”.
  • 14 June: Berenice Boutin, “Artificial Intelligence and International Law: Exploring Issues of Responsibility and Regulation”.
  • 21 June: Cornelia Furculita (Visiting research fellow),“A Complicated relationship between FTA and WTO DSMs: The case of Third Generation EU FTAs”.

Research seminars & labs in 2017:

  • 18 January: Aravind Ganesh (invited speaker), "A Republican Argument for Unilateral Jurisdiction to Provide Global Public Goods?".
  • 9 February: Steffen van der Velde, “The new EU conflict mineral regulation; a missed opportunity?”.
  • 9 March: Berenice Boutin, research lab on preliminary research ideas.
  • 29 March: Enrico Partiti, "Public play upon private standards. How European and international economic law enter into voluntary regimes for sustainability".
  • 6 April: Berenice Boutin, “Algorithmic decision-making and responsibility for targeted killings: Going beyond the ‘human-in/on-the-loop’ rhetoric”.
  • 27 April: Nora Chronowski (visiting research fellow), "Constitutional turmoil in in an 'illiberal' EU member state - the case of Hungary".
  • 17 May: Edith Loozen (invited speaker), "Why the Maximization of Healthcare Interests Requires Strict Competition Enforcement".
  • 30 May: Alejandro Del Valle Galvez (visiting research fellow) “Territorial Claims and Disputes in the Strait of Gibraltar Region”.
  • 14 June: Kushtrim Istrefi (invited speaker), "European Judicial Responses to Security Council Targeted Sanctions: A Consequentialist Assessment".
  • 27 June: Alejandro Del Valle Galvez (visiting research fellow), “Refugee Crisis and the EU Cooperation with Mediterranean States” (public)
  • 26 June: Eva Kassoti (CLEER visiting research fellow), "The EU and trade agreements covering occupied territories: A comparative study of Palestine and Western Sahara".
  • 7 September: Sofia Stolk, ‘‘Justice needs to be seen to be done: The International Legal Landscape in a Visual Age".
  • 27 September: Alessandra Arcuri (invited speaker), "The great asymmetry and the rule of law in international investment arbitration".
  • 18 October: Maria Kaveskaya (visiting research fellow), "Russian NGOs after the Foreign Agents Law: Sustaining Civic Activism in an Adverse Setting".
  • 19 October, PhD master class with Thomas Skouteris and Wouter Werner (invited speakers), "International Law, History & Method".
  • 9 November: Christopher Waters (visiting research fellow), "Blockade, Submarines and the Legal History of WWI Reconsidered".
  • 29 November: Emma Irving (invited speaker), "Capture, Tweet, Repeat: Social Media and the Democratisation on International Criminal Justice".
  • 4 December: PhD master class with Gleider Hernandez (invited speaker), "Working with Theory (Methodologies Seminar)".
  • 6 December: Antoine Duval, "Publish (tweets and blogs) or perish? Legal academia in times of social media".

Research seminars & labs in 2016:

  • 12 January: Miriam Cullen, "Dangerous Liaisons: The Security Council and International Justice".
  • 18 January: Olivier Ribbelink, discussed a Summary Judgement.
  • 4 February: Steven Stuij, "Recital 26 of the EU Regulation on Successions and Wills: fraude à la loi Revisited?".
  • 3 March: Wybe Douma, "Chlorinated chicken tonight? TTIP and the integration of sustainable development".
  • 21 March: Michiel de Rooij, discussed "Wenander - Recognition of Foreign Administrative decisions".
  • 7 April: Isabella Querci, "Implementations of Acts of International Organizations into EU Law: the Case of Individual Sanctions".
  • 18 April: Davor Jancic, "Membership Crisis in the European Union: Implications of Brexit".
  • 28 April: Isabel Aldave, “The impact of the “Global War on Terror” on the international legal system: ius ad bellum, ius in bello and human rights".
  • 11 May: Melanija Jancic, "The prohibition of discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity".
  • 23 May: Janne Nijman, "Renaissance of the City as Global Actor, The Role of Foreign Policy and International Law Practices in the Construction of Cities as Global Actors".
  • 23 June: Geoff Gordon, "Questioning the conflict of laws paradigm in transnational legal discourse".
  • 13 July: Janne Nijman, "Onora O'Neill: A question of Trust. The Reith lectures".
  • 8 September: Oskar van Maren, "Prioritisation in State aid control: Filtering out 'unwanted' complaints".
  • 12 October: Uladzislau Belavusau, "Memory Laws in European and Comparative Perspective".