Julien Simon MA

Head of operations & special projects

  • Department:
    Operations & Special Projects
  • Main fields of interest: Concept development for websites Data-flow controle Development of user-friendly interfaces and data access Human Resources Management Information management Knowledge dissemination and valorisation Law of International Organisations Law of the European Union Management of ICT-Projects Philosophy of Law Public International Law


After having finished the University study in Public International Law, Law of the European Union and Philosophy of Law I have been working as an expert in the field of Information and Communication Technologies. From 1992 till 2000 I have been working in developing countries for agricultural research organizations on issues of knowledge transfer resulting from scientific research. After having done some support and factfinding missions in the field of communication, education and health, to some African countries, I returned to the Netherlands and joined the T.M.C. Asser Instituut in 2001. I have continued working in the field of communication, knowledge transfer, website technology and database management.

Having been appointed Operations Manager and Head of the Human Resources Department in 2006/2007, I joined the Management Team and was able to combine a lot of experience acquired over the years working within a research environment.