Private International Law in Motion 2.0 (PAX 2.0)

Nov 1, 2022 - Oct 31, 2024

Project description

PAX 2.0 combines a number of educational and training activities to ensure a better understanding ans application of the main legal instruments in the area of civil justice. The project therefore intends to combine the components of the earlier JUDGTRUST and PAX projects that have proven their worth -i.e. the moot court and partnership with the judiciary- with two new elements: a particular focus put on the further extension of the moot court to student teams from third countries and the development of a guide on the organization of moot courts on EU private international law that would make the expertise gained in our earlier projects available to the Commission through a practical manual. Ideally, this manual would be made freely accessible online. A further important element of PAX 2.0, which is also in line with JUDGTRUST and PAX, is that the moot courts and judicial training will focus on topical issues of EU private international law, which should ensure improved knowledge of those legislative instruments that are new and/or raise new legal questions. In short, this proposal seeks to ensure that the proposed consortium further develops and expands students’, academics’ and trainee judges’ knowledge on major recent developments of EU private international law, through moot courts and judicial trainings respectively. It is therefore meant to improve the effective and coherent application of the legislative instruments of judicial cooperation in civil matters. Moreover, it envisages the consolidation of the moot courts as an attractive educational tool in that respect, both for EU and non-EU law students interested in EU private international law.