[Masterclass] The art and international law laboratory

21 - 22 October 2021
  • Starts at: 09:00h
  • Fee: €995,- €495,- (Students and NGO-workers)
  • Venue: T.M.C. Asser Instituut
  • Organiser: T.M.C. Asser Instituut
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This masterclass will be held in-person at the Asser Instituut.

In our rapidly globalising and digitalising world, the challenges for international lawyers with respect to evidence-gathering, access to justice, and the consolidation of accountability and legitimacy are increasingly complex. This Masterclass offers you a fresh and inspiring perspective on these issues by drawing connections between international law and the arts. We invite you to step out of your comfort zone and to explore the challenges of your profession from a creative angle.

The Masterclass will provide you with an overview of contemporary research in the field of art and international law as well as the areas of visual anthropology and legal design. In three consequent workshops, you will experiment collaboratively with artistic tools to develop creative and innovative solutions for legal problems, under the guidance of professional artists from various disciplines. This Masterclass will expand your legal toolbox with insights from the arts and visual studies.

Confirmed speakers

Lua Vollaard is a curator and writer with a background in human rights research and image theory. Since 2018, she has been a curator at Stroom Den Haag. Recent projects span across various fields of inquiry; the exhibitions Hybrid Peace (2019) by the Visual Culture Research Center, Towards a Black Testimony (2019) by Languid Hands, rite of access by left gallery (2019), Nøtel (The Hague) (2018) by Lawrence Lek, and her work as a researcher on the Forensic Architecture projects A Killing in Umm-al Hiran and Ground Truths (both 2017) all challenge the representation of justice in late liberalist societies.

Jules Sievert Rochielle is an artist, a legal educator, a community arts educator and a social justice advocate. Jules is the Creative Director of the NuLawLab at Northeastern University School of Law, and their focus is centered on transforming law and the way people interact with the law through creative and cultural approaches. At Nulawlab, our programs, projects, seminars, and research allow us to build cross-disciplinary teams and community-based partnerships focused on transforming legal education, the legal profession, and the delivery of legal services. We do this work at the leading public interest law school to provide our students with the knowledge and skills to be the legal inventors of the future.

Together with Jules, other members of the NuLawLab team will be contributing to the interactive workshop.

Dr. Miso Kim - Design Director, NuLawLab
Sankalp Bhatnagar - Research in Critical Design, NuLawLab
Victoria Dandara da Silva Toth - Legal Designer in Residence, NuLawLab
Mariana Costa Oliveira Morais- Legal Designer in Residence, NuLawLab

Conflictorium – Museum of Conflict is a participatory museum in Ahmedabad (India) that addresses the ideas, questions and structures of conflict. It is an initiative that brings together different sections of society to celebrate plurality and encourage conflict expression and avoidance in creative ways, by facilitating dialogue through art and culture practice. The emphasis is on art, audience and archives where intersectional and interdisciplinary approaches to coexistence and conflict are explored.

The coordinator
undefinedDr Sofia Stolk 
is a researcher at the Asser Institute and the coordinator of the Camera Justitia programme at the Movies that Matter Foundation. Her current research project, entitled ‘Justice needs to be seen to be done: The International Legal Landscape in a Visual Age’, studies the use of visual means within international courts and tribunals and the proliferation of images about international law. She has widely published about the intersection of art, architecture, culture and international law. Sofia is experienced in organising lectures and events on these themes in cooperation with law schools, cultural institutions and independent artists.

After the successful completion of this Masterclass, you will receive a professional certificate from the T.M.C. Asser Instituut.

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